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Just 2 mins from Jnc.37 M4 (Behind the Esso Garage)

Tel: 07818 024273 / 07908 349669

ALL our prices are 'Tow Away' prices... NO hidden 'add ons' .....If you haven't yet had a tow bar fitted to your car, we can deliver (usually FREE of charge) and can also recommend our local tow bar fitter who will offer you a great deal.

Major & Debit Cards Accepted

Leisure & General Purpose Trailers

- Spares - Accessories

Plus a superb range of quality used trailer tents.

Special OfferWe have just acquired a large quantity of Brand New top quality Cast Trailer Hubs with a 4" PCD...fitted with 1" Taper Roller Bearings (with inner oil seal), 4 x wheel studs, 4 x wheel nuts, Metal Grease Cap & Grease Nipple.

These hubs are 'Easy Fit' as the bearing races are already pressed in so no specialist tools are required.

Fits standard 1" Stub Axles

Being sold, singularly, in pairs or job lots at £28.85 available for job lots of 10 or more...please ask. We offer FREE POSTAGE within UK.

To order please telephone Phil on 07818 024273.

Most Debit & Credit Cards Accepted


Huge delivery of new trailers just in.....the fantastic SY150 Camping & General Purpose Trailer Range.....We've got them waiting for you. From a naked trailer - you can just add your own mix & match accessories - or go for our 'Unique' SY150 Special Edition model saving you well over £100 on all the extras we've fitted....please note: South wales Trailers are currently undergoing a complete re-vamp to our business operations and the SY150 is the only model we will be keeping in stock for the future as its by far our biggest seller...all other trailers shown below on this site can be ordered for next day delivery (in most cases)

Are you looking for a bargain camping/general purpose trailer????.......Heres the chance for someone to grab this little beauty. 4' x 3' Erde 120. Fitted with a glassfibre lockable hardtop, new jockey wheel, spare wheel & carrier kit, hardly worn tyres. ........ tow away price just £425. To buy a new one of this model fitted with all these extras the 2022 total retail price would be around £950. ........ AND ....... look at this........ on top of that, we will give the buyer a FREE quality hitch lock worth £35 to help keep it safe & secure. Dont miss out...when its gone, its gone.

The trailer can be viewed and collected from our sales unit on South Cornelly Trading Estate but please ring 07818 024273 first to ensure someone is there to meet you.

Our Special Edition SY150:-

We have taken the stylish SY150 trailer,fitted our own unique graphics, loaded it with accessories, then reduced the overall price by over £100 to give you an unbeatable deal...

Special edition 150 specification:-

1) New SY150 trailer

2) High side frame and high cover kit virtually doubling the loading space

3) Spare wheel fitted into a purpose designed underslung carrier

4)Unique S.W.T.T. Special Edition graphics 

5)Heavy duty Jockey wheel, clamp and drawbar fitting kit

6) Coupling lock & key set (to lock the trailer onto towing vehicle when left unattended).

AND 7 (optional).....if you want/need extra security of either a high visibility wheel clamp or gold deluxe hitchlock......we can offer you these items at a generous discounted trade price .

Our Unique 150 SE Is We Believe, Unbeatable value for money

And Here It Is...The Stunning Special Edition SY150 SE

Tow away our Unique (Yes, our 150 SE's are Unique to us) Special Edition SY150 SE for just

£845 Thats the Tow Away price, there are no added extra charges. 

Fully loaded

with all the

special edition extras. Our amazing price IS the

Tow Away price


The Sleek Modern SY Trailer Range

 SY120, SY150, SY190 & SY301

are all shown below

Manufactured by Erde

Europe's largest trailer manufacturer

All dimensions below are overall sizes of the trailer. Internal loading dimensions may differ slightly. 

Important News Update:......Due to the huge popularity of the SY150 model we currently only offer the SY100, SY120 & SY190 trailers to order...We can supply them on a next day basis in almost all cases if needed quickly. SY150 & SY150 Special Editions will continue to be supplied direct from stock


SY 100 ..... 110 x 90 x 38 

The SY100 - popular size tipping trailer with drop down tailgate. 

Increase your carrying volume to 110 x 90 x 68 with the fitting of

a full high side frame and cover kit.


Note: Cover & jockey post are optional extras and are not included in basic price...



Note: Jockey post is an optional extra and is not included in the basic price


SY 120..... 125 x 97 x 41

The SY120 is a versatile size trailer that fits midway between the SY100 & SY150.

Increase your carrying volume to 125 x 97 x 71 with with high side frame and cover kit.


Note: Jockey post & cover shown are optional extras and are not included in the basic trailer price


Note: Jockey post shown is an optional extra and not included in the basic trailer price


SY 150..... 150 x 105 x 40.

The 150 is the most popular size in the range and is by far our biggest seller, equally suitable for camping or general purpose use. Its fitted with larger wheels and is a purposeful & highly useful medium size trailer with large load carrying ability.


Heavy duty jockey wheel as shown in photo is an optional extra..

Increase your carrying volume to 150 x 105 x 70 with high side frame and cover kit.  


Heavy duty jockey wheel as shown in photo is an optional extra upgrade

OR, why not go for our fully loaded Special Edition version for just £50 extra

See our inbeatable value SY150 Spcl. Ed. shown above


SY 190 Big Boy

This 6'4" x 4' / 191 x 121 x 40 nicknamed the 'Big Boy' has a huge load area and is fitted with large 13" wheels & tyres for big load carrying.

This is our most popular trailer for owners with wood burning stoves, small business owners and those who need a good size carrying capacity...however, the SY190 is also ideal for campers with larger than average amount of holiday kit.

£799 including FREE heavy duty jockey wheel.

Increase your carrying volume to a massive 191 x 121 x 70 with a high side frame and cover kit. (to order)


including FREE heavy duty jockey wheel


SY301 Motorcycle Trailer

SY 301 carries m/cycles up to 240Kg 

Accessories available include: Loading ramp, Spare wheel with free spare wheel carrier. Handlebar tie down kits.

Available to order only (approx 2 days or if you are in a hurry, via overnight courier for £15 extra) 


Spare wheel shown in photo is an optional extra

We also stock a selection of quality used trailer tents,

which you can view on our sister website:  

SWT offer a selection of original equipment and after market accessories suitable for all our trailers

Optional extras include:

Waterproof Load Covers

Spare Wheels & Carriers

Spare Wheel Covers

Cargo Nets

Jockey Post & fitting kits

Jockey Wheels & fitting kits (heavy duty)

Fibre glass lockable lids

High Side Extension Kits

High Side Covers

Loading Ramps (motorcycle trailers)

Handlebar tie down kit (motorcycle trailers)

+ ...don't forget security....

High Visibilty Security Hitch Locks

Wheel Clamps

Coupling lock & key sets (to lock trailer to towing vehicle)

and more.

All Our Listed Prices are

'Tow Away Prices'

No hidden add ons!!....

No box of bits to assemble yourself!!.....

All trailers are professionally built

& further receive a full P.D.I. before you tow away. All our new trailers come with

manufacturers warranty &

European Type Approval Certification.

(as per latest legislation)

South Wales Trailer Tents

Just 2 mins from Jnc 37 M4

Unit 11 South Cornelly Trading Estate

Porthcawl Road

South Cornelly

CF33 4RE

Tel: 07818 024273 or 07908 349669

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